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2nd December 2011

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>Enter name.

Your name is DAMON VALORAS. You are generally easy-going and would rather get along with others because acquiring enemies is not part of your agenda.  You reside in one of Alternia’s jungles. Your HIVE is basically a treehouse which you have made sure is very sturdy and secure.

You enjoy WORKING WITH YOUR HANDS and BUILDING things. There are items scattered around your hive that would suggest such interests from the SANDBOX to COLORFUL PLASTIC BLOCKS. You find carving with your screwdriverkind strife specibus (also alternative tools) and making sandcastles to be SATISFYING. Your favorite activity, though, is combining your blocks into things that range from recognizable structures such as buildings and fauna to something completely abstract.

Other things found in your hive are furniture to rest your behind on and a chest of TOOLS for your DELIGHTFUL USES. If one was to dig further into the chest, they would find a few posters and figurines of SAILOR TROLL and TROLLCAPTORS. You find your moderate interest in such things to be EMBARRASSING so you keep it to yourself.

Your lusus, KINGSLEY, likes to indulge in slumber often and you suppose that’s one of the feline attributes of being a lion/beaver hybrid. Regardless, he is very reliable and you consider your relationship to be quite good.

Your trolltag is scintillatingConstruction and you ignore capitalization unless you are putting STRESS on words you find particularly IMPORTANT for others to take NOTICE of.

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1st December 2011

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